Zone3 Women's s Vanquish Wetsuit

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The Vanquish makes use of the world’s highest performance materials and combines them with a thoroughly researched panel design to ensure maximum flexibility and balanced buoyancy. It is the choice of some of the best triathletes in the world as well as some of the most experienced, regardless of swim ability. Ironman distance athletes love the suit for its extreme comfort and flexibility around the shoulders while Sprint/Olympic distance athletes love it for its speed and buoyancy. The suit is aimed at those looking to race to the best of their ability while saving time and energy during the swim.

  • Ultra-thin, one-piece shoulder panel stretching from elbow to elbow allows maximum flexibility
  • Carefully balanced buoyancy throughout the suit provides an optimum streamlined position
  • Pro Speed Cuffs™ on arms and legs for fast transitions
  • V-shape neck design for a lower, more comfortable fit
  • Upwards breakaway zip design
  • Speed channels on the chest to increase natural buoyancy

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