O'Shea 50% Carbon 3-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

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Light but strong, this 50% Carbon paddle is a great alternative to heavier alloy paddle and a perfect upgrade any keen paddle boarder.

This is a three piece adjustable paddle with a telescopic handle. With it's 8.0 inch blade & 50% 3k carbon it's ideal for flat water, cruising and small wave riding.

  •  8 Inch blade
  • 50% High grade carbon
  • 680g weight
  • Great for flat water, small waves and cruising
  • Adjustable Telescopic handle

Why Up-grade your paddle?

Your basic alloy paddle is great for all round family fun - but if your looking at putting in some distance or riding some waves - your standard alloy paddle is like cycling a bike with half inflated tyres, you're not going to get anywhere fast!

In this instance arming yourself with a performance Glass or Carbon Paddle means in a couple of strokes your riding a wave instead of wasting all your energy with five or six strokes to pick up the same old wave! Same for distance, the bend and flex in an alloy paddle with a plastic blade means that a good percentage of your effort is wasted. So by upgrading your paddle - you'll be flying from A to B where ever that may be in the fastest possible time! 

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