O'Neill Mutant Legend 5/4mm Men's Chest Zip Wetsuit with Detachable Hood - Black - 5369

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The all new O'Neill Mutant Legend 5/4mm chest zip wetsuit for 2022 has some outstanding features to keep you as warm and flexible as possible in the cold water winter months. The great thing about the Mutant is that you can wear it as either a non hooded suit or attach a hood on the colder days to make it a hooded suit. When it's a hooded suit it retains your body heat as you are losing less heat through your head. On the less windy and cold days you wear it without the attachable hood giving you more freedom of movement. 

This brand new suit features Technobutter 3X neoprene on the arms and Technobutter 3 neoprene throughout the suit, this gives you the most flexible movement and really feels like you are not wearing a wetsuit at all. Along with the Technobutter Firewall lining which retains body heat for longer thus you stay warmer. All in all this is a superb winter suit for those that want one suit to use throughout the winter and be able to get in the water no matter how cold it is. A great wetsuit which can be used for all water sports.


- FUZE Closure - The Chest Zip Entry System

- Modular Closure - Sealed Zip To Prevent Water In-Take

- Single Sealed Neck & Hooded

- Seamless Shoulders - More Flexibility 

- Lumbar Seamless Design - Less Restriction

- External Key Pocket & loop

- Plasma Wrist & Ankle Seals

- Technobutter 3X Neoprene - Arms & Shoulders For Incredible Movement & Flexibility

- Fluid Weld Seam - Prevents Water In-Take Through The Seams

- Technobutter Firewall - Thermal lining To Retain Body Heat

- Krypto Knee Pads - Hard Wearing Panels On The Knees

Size and Fit Guide

  • Wetsuits should feel snug on and you will probably feel that range of motion is slightly reduced, this is normal. However, make sure breathing doesn't feel restricted.
  • Wetsuit fit should not be too loose. This would let water flow freely through the suit and would therefore lose all the benefits of the trapped water being warmed by your body.
  • For a correct wetsuit fit, wrists, ankles and neck should be snug.
  • The fit should not be too baggy in the underarm or leg area. Some bagginess at the small of the back is normal.​​​​​​

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