Sola Men's H2O 3/2mm GBS Front Zip Full Wetsuit - Olive - A1701

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The H2O 3/2mm range is a high performance wetsuit for dedicated watersports use when you're ready to shed your winter wetsuit. Glued and blind stitching with lightweight super stretch neoprene throughout provide superior warmth capabilities and unrestricted performance. Great for early spring through to late autumn for surfers, body boarders, paddleboarders etc.

• 3mm chest, back and knees, 2mm arms, 3mm lower body
• Glued and blind stitched for zero water penetration
• Feather light ss-1 foam for lighter suit
• Anatomical pre-bent design
• Silver glide skin collar for extra consort and flexibility
• Ballistic nylon knee pad
• Bi axial heat tape in critical positions
• Velcro repellent neoprene

Size and Fit Guide

  • Wetsuits should feel snug on and you will probably feel that range of motion is slightly reduced, this is normal. However, make sure breathing doesn't feel restricted.
  • Wetsuit fit should not be too loose. This would let water flow freely through the suit and would therefore lose all the benefits of the trapped water being warmed by your body.
  • For a correct wetsuit fit, wrists, ankles and neck should be snug.
  • The fit should not be too baggy in the underarm or leg area. Some bagginess at the small of the back is normal.​​​​​​

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